Christmas Has Begun at BCC

Rainforest Cafe: Yorkdale

Jen, Vicky, Jamie, and I all went to the rainforest cafe to hangout recently. Good times for sure, but this place is a bit overrrated. Dessert was awesome though, and the aquarium is always fun! This guy was HUGE….

Science centre

This is the entry walkway to the science centre. On the right is a
long ruler representing the age of earth. Along the ruler there are
rocks and fossils of various ages to show some of the evolution that’s
taken place. On the left is a long window out into the don valley, in
which the science centre is built. It looks great this time of year!

Decorating my office

Totally added a new poster above my desk! makes me think I have a window into the universe..haha

Midieval times.

I took jen to a dinner and tournament at midieval times for her birthday! She turned the age of 24 on sept 29! It was a lot if fun and I got to hold a big ass sword! More pics to come.