Palomar Observatory: Day 1

I’ve headed down to the Palomar Observatory for an Observing Run. The telescope we’re using, the Hale 5m, is located in beautiful Southern California, so when I landed in LAX, we headed straight to the beach for a bite to eat.

In keeping with the west coast spirit, after lunch at the beach, we headed into the mountains.

..and found the Palomar Observatory. This is an image of the Hale 5m just before sunset.

More on research and a tour of the observatory on later posts.

CFHT queue update, Part 3: almost there

On the eve of leaving for San Diego, I thought I’d drop in an update on the CFHT program¬†(search ‘rogerson’) we’re currently running. This is the 3rd data release (see DR1 and DR2):

we’re now very close to finishing the entire Stripe 82. Note this is only for quasars between 1.73 < z < 2.51, hence the patchy work on the CFHT coverage.

As mentioned above, I’m heading down to San Diego for a run on the Hale 5m telescope at the Palomar Observatory. Stay tuned to this blog for daily updates on that.