Recording the Redshift Report

Last week I spent my morning recording the next episode of the Ontario Science Centre‘s own Redshift Report podcast. Here is a picture of me sitting in the sound booth with Ken Huxley, web editor in the Science Communication department at the Ontario Science Centre, and host of the Redshift Report.

The Redshift Report is designed to capture the ongoing programming developed by the research and programming team. As new science stories develop, the staff at the science centre develop interactive and engaging ways to present these stories to the public. We each take turns doing this throughout the year. It was my turn most recently; I developed some short presentations on a variety of topics:

In the story covering the discovery of the new species of green lacewing, I showed the visitors the wonders of the Zooniverse project, which connects everyday people with scientific data. The people at Zooniverse have created an interface that allows anyone to work on real scientific projects with real scientific data covering topics anywhere from astrophysics to marine biology.

Ken and I decided to stick with a space theme for the podcast (my speciality!). The episode covers the Voyager Interstellar Mission, including the most recent results suggesting that Voyager 1 may have officially left the solar system!


PS: alliteration in the title makes me smile
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The Future of Space Exploration

My latest video at the Ontario Science Centre (@OntScienceCtr) covers the new exhibit ‘Beyond Planet Earth: The future of space exploration.’ It’s a fantastic exhibit!

Beyond Planet Earth

The future of Human Space Exploration.


The Ontario Science Centre has a new exhibit on the past, present, and future of human exploration of space.

Here’s me standing in front of a Vostok spacecraft. This is a model of the craft Yuri Gagarin used in the first ever human trip into space back in 1961.

and here’s me standing in front of a full scale model of the Mars Science Laboratory ‘Curiosity’ rover. It’s amazing to see how big it is in real life. It’s hard to picture it when all you ever look at is pictures, and simulations. amazing

Try Something New..

Transit of Venus 2012: Video

my video on the transit of venus.

Can’t wait to check this event out on tuesday.