Classical Tornado

Fusing some calm classical music with an interesting view of a mini tornado. Tornado video shot at the Ontario Science Centre in the Living Earth exhibit; audio taken from the song ‘Pachabelly’ on the YouTube Audio Library.

Tron has a good soundtrack

picked up TA allocations.  Should be a good year.

GOAL: list of BALs and non-BALs in S82 list.  Split up using the BAL lists generated

pbh_allenANDdr7qNOTgibsonBAL.dr7qzHW (789) and
pbh_gibsontab1.dr7qzHW (5037)
pbh_allenANDdr7qNOTgibsonBAL.dr7qzHW (789) has DR7 tag in first column.  GOOD.
pbh_gibsontab1.dr7qzHW (5037) had DR7 tag in first column. GOOD.
So all I need to do is take the list dr5DB_QSO_S82.plus3 list, which matches the S82 ID to the DR7 tag, and run it through a filter.  It would also be convient to bring along the *.dr7qzHW list, and sort it as well.
using python sorted the S82 objects into two files:
s82BAL.dat (600)
s82notBAL.dat (8655)
total lines (600+8655) = 9255 (as we knew before).  This puts the BAL percentage at ~7%, which makes sense considering the conservative approach to classifying BALs in Allen (which represents the bulk of the BALs I tested against).
There are also accompanying *.dr7qzHW files corresponding to those.  Note that these lists are based on if the object is in EITHER gibson OR allenNOTgibson. (not both)
Next step: sort into redshift bins.
bin numbers for BALS:
5      not in u     0.000<z<0.92   not available.
21    only in u    0.92 < z < 1.51   (u-g, or u-r)
100  in u and g  1.51 < z < 1.73   (u-g AND g-r)
333  only in g    1.73 < z < 2.51   (g-r, or g-i)      *****largest bin – which makes sense
46    in g and r   2.51 < z < 2.82   (g-r AND r-i)
61    only in r    2.82 < z < 3.40    (r-i, or r-z)
21   in r and i   3.40 < z < 3.79    (r-i AND i-z)
13   only in i    3.79 < z < 4.35    (i-z, or r-i?) ***could I use r-i? 
0     in i and z   4.35 < z < 4.82    (i-z AND r-i)?
0     only in z    z > 4.82               (i-z)
bin numbers for nonBALs to follow:

Juno Winner of New Group of the Year

The Juno Awards for music are great for canadian culture. I think it’s important for us, as a country, to evaluate our music and present our best to the world. I personally enjoy watching it (or reading about it) FAR more than the grammys. I’m not sure why. It could be because its canadian and I connect with that, but I also like that there doesn’t seem to be a heavy emphasis on POP music.

Case in point, New Group of the Year was given to the Arkells, one of the MANY fine artists to come from canadian Dine Alone Records (Alexisonfire, City and Colour, Attack in Black, Tokyo Police Club, and others). I LOVE this band, and if you listen to the edge then you probably like them too. They beat out Down with Webster (who i really like) and Stereos (who I DO NOT like) among others, for this honour and I think they really deserve it.

You can go here for a full list of the nominees/winners, and here to listen to the Arkells if you haven’t listened to them before.