Classical Tornado

Fusing some calm classical music with an interesting view of a mini tornado. Tornado video shot at the Ontario Science Centre in the Living Earth exhibit; audio taken from the song ‘Pachabelly’ on the YouTube Audio Library.

Tron has a good soundtrack

picked up TA allocations.  Should be a good year. GOAL: list of BALs and non-BALs in S82 list.  Split up using the BAL lists generated pbh_allenANDdr7qNOTgibsonBAL.dr7qzHW (789) and pbh_gibsontab1.dr7qzHW (5037) pbh_allenANDdr7qNOTgibsonBAL.dr7qzHW (789) has DR7 tag in first column.  GOOD. pbh_gibsontab1.dr7qzHW (5037) had DR7 tag in first column. GOOD. So all Read more…