CFHT queue update, Part 2: it continues

CFHT has made more headway on our observing program of Stripe 82 (see pervious queue update here to compare). This new data represents the time frame 8 September to 24 September of this year. Notes to make, the following were done twice:

OG 55 (g filter) was done on both 18 September, 19 September (this evening did both OG55 and OG56)

OG 56 (r filter) was done on both 19 September (OG55 and OG56), 20 September (OG56 and OG57)

OG 21 (i filter) was done on both 18 September, 19 September

Not much left!

CFHT queue update

CFHT has finished two blocks of queue observing (see the ‘news’ section here). The first half of August was dedicated to WirCam, the second half to MegaCam. Our program on MegaCam ended up getting some exposures.

MegaCam was used between Aug 14 – 27 on both ‘A’ and ‘B’ programs. You can use this link to find a status of your program so far (ours is ID 12BC31).¬†But it’s much easier to look at like this:
This represents Observing Groups (OG): OG1, OG2, OG3, OG4, OG5, OG6, OG7, OG8, OG9, OG13, OG14, OG15. The white break in green fill represents the OG10 (g filter), OG11 (r filter), OG12 (i filter) for that specific set of pointings. So, once OG10 gets observed, our observing method requires OG11 and OG12 be completed in the following 36 hours.