My goblet of Belgian beer

Beer from Space!

NYC:Day 5 – Balance

SciCoder continues today, here’s a shot from my point of view. As you can see we’re working on building databases, which requires flowcharts. Demitri Muna is lecturing, and is also the workshop organizer.

A screen shot of the stuff i’ve been working with…in case anyone was interested. Anyone? No one? Not one person interested in my code? ………..moving right along

After the days learnding I decided to head down to Battery Park at the souther tip of Manhattan. Here you can see the statue of liberty and ellis island. There were also some performers practicing a play in the park. Also found an armed forces memorial and generally just a good view of the boating areas. Bonus that it doesn’t cost anything to see any of it.

I then walked around to see the Brooklyn Bridge. There it is in all its glory! Brooklyn is to the right, manhattan to the left.

Wall Street is down at the southern tip too. I took a quick walk through just to see where all the rich people work. Found this funky looking building, looks like the one from spiderman.

Seeing all I had wanted, I went back to Battery Park and watched the sun set over Jersey City across the Hudson river. I took a bunch of shots over an hour or so and condensed them here for you to see. NOTE: I believe the star that comes into view in the top left is Saturn, but I’m not completely sure. [edit]….I was wrong…it was Venus. Why the hell did I think Saturn?
I had some pizza down in the financial district then headed back to residence. I decided to go out for a beer and read a bit to close off the evening. Beer of choice today was a Sam Adams cherry wheat beer. Very tasty. Reading of choice: The Five Ages of the Universe….I highly recommend.
Conclusions: working all day=exploring all eve, sunsets rock,NY pizza is good, beer is better
(PS: jen – you should come visit me here in NYC)

NYC:Day 4 – Good Company

Day 4 has drawn to a close in NYC. SciCoder has provided many new tools for me. Python is a REALLY good language, but I’m not sure how to implement it into my research just yet. Currently I’m heavily dependent on IDL. I’ve also learned a lot about SVN repositories. I think this will really benefit me.
After the days lectures, a bunch of us participants headed to get some thai food. I had the ‘Druken Noodles.’ I was just telling my cousin (tina) that I hadn’t really sampled much of the good food in new york yet…I think I can take that back now.

Here’s a good shot of a bunch of us. Not everyone came (unfortunately), but this is a good a chunk.

Of course I got beer, and today I had a thai beer called Singha. Never had it before and it was great! When it comes to beer, my philosophy is to try as many different kinds as possible.

In keeping with that philosophy, we went to a Belgian bar across the street from the thai place and I had a Chimay Rouge and a Leffe Blonde. The belgians know how to brew, I know that for sure.
On our way home through Washington Square park I nabbed this shot of the mini-triumph. It was lit up quite nicely. Not a bad little park. I was there earlier in the week watching some music and dancing.
Conclusions: Python is great, SVN is amazing, astronomers are good company, need to visit the Scourmont Abbey
(PS: where for art thou jen?)