Book Review: Good Omens

The cover of Good Omens.
The cover of Good Omens.

I picked this up on my trip to Kitt Peak in May 2014. I was travelling with my supervisor for the trip, who went to University of Arizona for grad school. Since we were down there, he picked up some books he had left behind years ago; he also decided to purge some of the books because he either had other copies, or didn’t want them anymore. As a result, I got a free book!
Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch, is a cheeky/sarcastic take on the tale of the end of the world. I suppose the two main characters are Crowley (the Snake from the Adam/Eve story) and Aziraphale (an angel) who live on Earth and attempt to sway humans into their respective camps. The Armageddon is started by the coming of the Devil’s son, named Adam in this story, who Crowley had inserted into a human family in Britain. The rest of the story follows Adam and his realization of his abilities.
If you like british humour, it’s a great book. It’s full of witty banter, sarcasm, and has a great message regarding the philosophy of living your life to ‘code.’
While I liked it, this wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read. I kinda feel like something was missing. Or perhaps, a better way to put it, I felt like it didn’t focus hard enough on one story. There were a lot of parallel stories that you get bits and pieces of. It also felt a bit anti-climactic, but perhaps I’m missing the British style humour.
Either way, if you like Neil Gaiman (and you should) give it a read and enjoy a different take on Armageddon.
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