Infrared and Baboquivari

The moutnain

If you look due south of Kitt Peak mountain, you’ll find this rather unique geologic feature. It is called Baboquivari by the Tohono O’odham Nation, native peoples to the lands now known as the south west United States. As a geologic feature, it is certainly unique; displaying a very tall rounded summit in the middle of a mountain chain approximately 20 km south of Kitt Peak. To the Tohono O’odham, it is the home of the creator, I’itoi, and represents the place where the people emerged from the Earth. The Kitt Peak National Observatory is built on sacred land, and was only constructed under the permission and continued participation of the Tohono O’odham Nation.


the outreach

At the summit of Kitt Peak, along with the multitude of astronomical observatories, there is a visitor centre. The centre is very well outfitted: it has a full exhibit on astronomical observing, a gift shop, a class room area for lectures, as well as its own observatory. The staff/volunteers of the outreach centre run a variety of programs from tours to night time observing. I took this picture inside the exhibit in front of an infrared camera.


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