Then and Now

The York University Astronomical Observatory is a humble little dual-dome observatory housing a 60cm on one side, and a 40cm on the other. The staff and volunteers of the observatory run multiple projects including, public outreach and original research. When the observatory was built, it was at the north edge of York University campus, which itself was at the edge of North York. Much like the David Dunlop Observatory, at the time this really was not a bad of a place to observe from. The DDO is in the middle of Richmond Hill and was able to produce some very high impact research! As time moves on, light pollution has gotten worse and worse, and observatories like these are becoming less effective (in terms of research) each year. But light pollution isn’t the only problem, so is nearby construction. Here is the York Observatory as it stands today:


York Observatory as it stood a few years ago:

Then and Now. Things change! Ongoing construction on campus has slowly, but surely, cut off more and more of the observable sky. Over the last 6 years, a 4th floor was added to the Petrie Science and Engineering Building (which is the building to the right, and is attached to the observatory), and a new health science building was erected to the immediate north.

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