The rest of the trip

After my observing run at the Palomar Observatory (check my posts about that here), I headed into San Diego to hang out with my brother for the weekend. We accomplished a lot. In order to best capture what I did, I made a map. Click the link below to look at the places I went in more detail.

———-> Jesse’s Palomar-SanDiego Trip <———-

(here’s a screenshot of the map)

First thing we did was head from Palomar Mountain to Sunset Cliffs, in San Diego. We JUST missed sunset, but it was still beautiful.

Then it was to Ocean Beach for Fish Tacos, apparently one of the foods that San Diego is known for. They were awesome. The next day we went to Coronado Beach, which is on the semi-island Coronado in the bay of San Diego. Apparently one of the best beaches in North America, was great to dip my feet again.

This pic is looking out towards the bottom end of Point Loma, from Coronado Beach.

One of the crappiest things about Canadian winter is that I have to put my motorcycle away. The weather is both too cold and too dangerous to drive in. They don’t have that problem in California. My brother owns a Yamaha motorcycle! I took this up into the California Mountains for some of the best twisty’s I’ve ever ridden. Scenery was amazing, the bike was amazing, and we got some good apple pie in Julian, CA (see the map above for the route I took).

Great trip. Thanks brother!