MDM Observatory: Day 5

On my last day at Kitt Peak, I decided to visit the 4m telescope.  This is the largest telescope on the mountain, standing about 18 stories tall, and actually reaches above the summit of the mountain.

In side the enclosure is a monster of a telescope, and they have a visitor viewing gallery that allows you to see it from the observatory floor.

Huge.  Just enormous.  and there are bigger telescopes in the world.  The largest optical telescope in the world is 10m (Keck I & II in Hawaii).  I can only imagine what they must be like to stand beside.

This was very impressive to stand beside.

The visitor area of the 4m also lets you walk a windowed area, showing you the view in all 360 degrees.  This is the view of the rest of Kitt Peak.  There are so many domes!

From the 4m lookout, this is a view of the MDM observatory.  The 2.4m is in the dome furthest to the left, the 1.3m is in the dome to the right of it.  The two foreground telescopes are both Radio ‘scopes (which operate day/night!).

The road down the mountain is amazing.

Heading home tomorrow!