Book Review: The Mars Trilogy


Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars; collectively known as the Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson.  It has taken me a while to read all three of these books, mostly due to my schedule not permitting a lot of recreational reading.  But I’ve finally gotten through the three of them, and I’m a little sad to see it end!  These 3 books were unbelievably good.


I HIGHLY recommend reading these three.  They’re in the genre of Science Fiction; in a similar style to Michael Crichton (author of Jurrasic Park, among many others).  Meaning, a strong consideration is given to the actual science behind what’s happening. But there is a lot more than cool science going on in these books.


In short, these three novels tell the tale of the colonization of mars by Humans.  That really should be enough to entice you, but I find I can’t stop talking about it, so I’ll give you a little more.  The main plots of the books follow the First Hundred.  In Red Mars, the First Hundred were the original people sent to mars for a permanent settlement (not the first people on mars, the first settlers of mars).  100 brave souls were chosen, composed of top scientists, engineers, pilots, leaders, etc.


These books tackle so many interesting issues, the biggest of course being terraforming: the act of changing the conditions on the surface of mars to be more liveable for humans.  This means raising the temperature, thickening the atmosphere, providing the right gases, creating topsoil, ….the list goes on.  Not only do the books cover the technological aspects of doing it, but questions the very idea of doing it.  Do you humans have the right to change mars as they see fit?


Mars quickly grows in population, and faces many of the same issues the Europeans did when they came to the Americas, ruling without representation.  Mars needs to become its own planet, its own self.  The storylines cover racism, psychology, morality, oppression, POLITICS, science, immortality…and more.


There is so much in these three books, I’ll almost certainly read them again in the future.


happy reading!