Monday was a great day.  The conferences organizers built into the itinerary of the conference an ‘excursion’ designed to show the conference goers a bit of the place they had visited.  We were presented with the choice of either a boat cruise around the harbour, or a visit to a real cotton plantation, called ‘Magnolia Plantation.’  Originally owned by a reverend.

This is the old plantation house, the cotton fields were behind it.  The scenary on the plantation was amazing.  Built right into back country south carolina it was full of wrangled trees, bogs, geckos, ducks, aligators (though I didn’t see any), spanish moss, and big BIG wasps.

After the excursion, we were invited to a banquet.  The conference organizers booked out the entire Charleston aquarium for us to have drinks and food.  It was amazing to walk around and look at all the marine fauna, while talking and discussions astrophysics.  COOL.

It was another amazingly productive day, with very interesting talks, potential collaborations, and cool science.

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