Monday – time to Re-Assess

Okay, I’m two weeks into the thick of things. What’s on the Horizon?

1. Research Evaluation – 29 Sept 2011
2. Telescope Proposal
3. Conference in Charleston
4. Finish of MgII
5. Other: Quasar Club/TA work/ Journal Club

MgII is all but done.  Needs proofreading and a few references added.

Research Eval is next thurdsay.   Should have a write up for THIS thursday.

Think Mon/Tues should be hard core BAL photovariability.  Let’s do one colour variability test (i.e. check out ONE redshift bin, see if we can make a proof of concept.  Spend tues eve/wed/thurs doing the write up.  Spend the following week developing the presentation to go along with it…

-also spent today doing some TA work
-organzing journal club stuff