Celestial Cellphone Snapshots…JUPITER

Okay just a couple more.  I already posted a few cellphone shots of Jupiter and the Moon earlier this week, but I wanted to do one more.  Remember I go to York University, and we have a pretty darn good observatory.  So I went up to the 40cm tonight to see if I could get more cellphone shots through the scope.  Turns out…I can!

That little, tiny, weensy speck of light in my previous post was Jupiter unmagnified.  This is Jupiter at 300x.  You can even see the bands of dark going east/west!  I did this by just putting my cellphone camera up to the eyepiece.  Believe me, looking through it with just your eyes does it SO much more justice.
But there’s MORE!

Then I played around a bit and here is an over-exposed Jupiter, but there is a very tiny spec of light just off to its right.  That’s Io, one of Jupiter’s moons.  Io is the most volcanically active object in the solar system, is bigger than our Moon, and was discovered over 400 years ago by the one and only Galileo Galilei.

This is part of my quest to see what I could do with my cell phone.  Believe me, using real scientific equipment, the possibilities become endless.*  Here is just a taste of what York University’s 40cm telescope can do:

* Figure of speech.  In actuality, an astronomer’s equipment does end up being very limiting.  Which is why we build bigger and better!

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