Random T-Shirt #1: Five

A while back, I purchased 4 t-shirts from bustedTees.com, a website run by the folks from collegehumor that makes hilarious t-shirts. I bought these 4 shirts in a deal (4 shirts for $30). The caveat being that the shirts were random. At first I thought, why would anyone do this? Then I thought, it’s only 30 bucks and it could be fun. So I selected my size and gender and they sent me 4 random shirts.

Upon completing the transaction, I realized that I might have bought some shirts that I would never wear, should they be so terrible. So in order to get my money’s worth, and share the fun with all those in my social circles, I made the rule that I had to wear each shirt AT LEAST once, for one full day.

Well, here we are, the t-shirts have arrived. And today is t-shirt #1:

I honestly don’t know what it means…