Have the DR7 catalog that contains all quasars (in time series) in the DR7 SDSS release. First of note is to separate these into two categories: BAL and non-BAL.

head to Pat’s webpage to get the lists of known BAL quasars. Catalogs are listed in AND format, where mycatANDyourcat.dat would contain the values in mycat that match to the object in yourcat, in the same order.
Entire DR7 Catalog
pbh_dr7q.dat is pat’s current version of the DR7 quasar catalog (including 2 more objects). This contains 105785 lines.
See Schneider et al. 2010 for the 7th data release
Improved redshifts
This iteration added on new columns that include Improved Redshifts for SDSS DR7. So anything that includes the dr7qzHW tag in it has
See Hewett & Wild 2010 for this paper.
Quasar Properties
A study by Shen et al. looked at the properties of the 105785 quasars in the DR7, determining continuum and emission measurements, radio properties, BH properties.
See Shen et al. 2010 for the paper.
BAL Catalog – Allen
In Allen et al. 2010, they find a list of 3547 BALs in the DR6 catalog. This is confusing, because the lists provided by pat are for 86086 unique objects. If it is a catalog of BAL quasars then there shouldn’t be that many.
See Allen et al. 2010 for the paper
BAL Catalog – Gibson
This paper is a catalog of BAL quasars in DR5. The list has 5037 objects in it, which makes more sense than the Allen paper above.
See Gibson et al. 2009 for the paper.
All together now…
Pat has created files which list the DR7 values for the corresponding objects in the Allen and the Gibson BAL quasar lists. And it is this one which will be most useful. specifically:
pbh_gibsontablANDallenANDdr7.dr7qzHW ……which includes improved redshift values
pbh_gibsontablANDallenANDdr7.dr7bh ……which includes BH properties (important)
Using the last file listed, Need to look through the quasars in the MacLeod set to classify each quasar as BAL or non-BAL.
This is basically cross-referencing the two files:
DB_QSO_S82.dat …with… pbh_gibsontablANDallenANDdr7.dr7bh

But how to match them? There are many properties to match. presumably matching the RA and DEC (individually) should be unique enough?