Follow up from Discussion with Pat – So’s I don’t forgets

Discussion previous posts results with supervisor Patrick Hall.

In turns out the first image was done incorrectly, but the end result of the exercise (which was to figure out what was wrong with the results I was getting) was successful. One of the major problems was that in the original programming of the upper limit/detection+uncertainty treatments I incorrectly reversed two variables. Upon further analysis of the images from this post, I realized the proper order. This helped a lot.

Major Change needed: The KS test with Kuiper Variance built into the IDL programming software had a few quirks inconsistent with this new analysis. I had to go in and redo 5 or 6 lines of code to make sure the proper measurements were being made. Blog post on this to follow.
Things on the horizon: (not necessarily in order of ‘to be done’)
1) StatMech Assignment due Friday
2) Marking to be completed today or tomorrow
3) StatMech Midterm tuesday March 15
4) Write up on how I changed the idl program
5) set the analysis on the rest of the coordinate space (f_c,ell_c)