Catch Up Post + Family DAY!

Last week was a busy week, and so here is a catch up post on all the things I got up to.

Skype meeting with Pat notes:

neil wants spectra for PHL 1811 analogs, get some atmospheric UV spectra. as per our discussion before

-churchill data is taking absurdly long time to generate matches. Uncertainties are too good.

-but this is okay, because we’re only dealing with what happens after a match is generated, not how likely a match is in the first place
-discussed the pseudo code
-discussed AAS and CASCA meetings – looking forward to CASCA
Journal Club meeting with Laura hosting.
Ran ‘Teaching Science to non-Science Majors’ TDGA Seminar on Thursday Feb 17 with Prof Richard Jarrell speaking on his experience
Statistical Mechanics Assignment 2
Using Netzer review on AGN BALs: doi:10.1016/j.newar.2008..06.009
will be leading discussion Wednesday morning.