Book Review: Maus II -..and Here My Troubles Began

This is the second book by Art Spiegelman, telling the story of his father’s journey as a jew trough the second world war. I wrote about the first Maus here.

So in this one, Vladek (Art’s father), has just made it to Auschwitz. This is arguably the most well known prison camp from the holocaust. Vladek goes on to describe what it was like living here. He talks of how they treated them, how they didn’t have clothes that fit. You would have one size 13 shoe and one size 9. one spoon for food, if you lost it…tough luck.
The constant fear of being sent to the chimneys was always there. Always hiding, always in fear. There was death all around. These two books are very powerful. It’s a graphic novel, so you have pictures to go along with it.
What I found to be really well done in these books is that the story is told in pieces, and you see Art talking with his father in the mid 80s and then you’re transported to the time in Auschwitz as Vladek narrates. You constantly see the man he was, and what the experience did to him in his later life; how he dealt with it, how he’s changed.
With all the horror I read about in this book, it gave me one big smile at the end. I suggest you go looking for it!
happy reading!