Book Review: First Among Sequels

The 5th in the Thursday Next series, First Among Sequels does not disappoint. Jasper Fforde is a very creative and unique writer; I highly recommend getting on the band wagon and reading The Eyre Affair.

In the last installment, we left Thursday in 1988 right after winning the superhoop. Fast forward 15 years and Thursday now has quite a large family. Friday (Landon and Thursday’s son) was two in the last book, and is now a teenage. They also have a daughter named Tuesday, and another daughter named Jenny (though – this daughter is not real). We’re now in a world of internet, cell phones, rock bands, and bad politics.
Since the last book, the SpecOps have been dissolved, and Thursday is now part of one of the leading floor companies in swindon. Though that doesn’t stop her from doing some off the books Literary and Jurisfiction work. This time Thursday finds herself battling for the fate of the world’s timeline. Friday, her son, is supposed to be one of the best Chronoguard’s ever, but he can’t seem to get out of bed.
I don’t have much to say about this book that I haven’t said in my reviews of the other 4 in the series. I love reading these, and will continue…with the next novel to come out sometime this year.
Keep in mind Jasper Fforde also writes Nursery Crimes, which is a series treating standard nursery rhymes as detective novels, and another series Shades of Grey.
happy reading!