All specific corrections to the thesis are complete. Adding an acknowledgement paragraph post-conclusion and then a final ispell before off to the printers. I will be checking out the printing costs on campus today. At 82 pages x5 copies = 410 pages. no colour. 3 copies for York and 2 for me (two because CUPE will reimburse me for two – and printing costs).

Track 1: convert to thesis to paper
Track 2: help w/observing proposals – (HST and ground based BAL monitoring for instance)
Talking timeline for converting thesis to paper:
Goal: 25 Feb 2011
There are multiple things to get done on this. following text from Pat:
Leave thesis title as is, but paper should use “Paired Quasar Sightlines”

instead of “Quasar Pair Sightlines”. MNRAS files are at

with more info at
paired quasar sightlines (mention not using full 2-D info in triples, quads)

* pairs section in intro needs moving;

currently it splits up the MgII abs discussion

* Units of A_W and G_0 must be comoving if coordinates are comoving.

* don’t need to re-explain sigma_x after the Eq. for W_b; just cite the W_a Eq.

* add Crotts, Churchill, Djorgovski? systems

* incorporate relative size weighting (see Oct. 27th thesis version)

* treat upper limits and gaussian uncertainties appropriately:

For upper limits, I think we _do_ want to use a half-Gaussian after all.

That is, a detection of mean a and sigma b should be modeled by a renormalized

Gaussian Gn(a,b), while an upper limit of EW<3b should be modeled by Gn(0,b);
i.e., a renormalized Gaussian of mean 0 and sigma b. [The renormalization is

that the area under Gn(a,b) should equal one when integrated from zero to

positive infinity, whereas the area under a true Gaussian is one only when

integrated from -\infty to +\infty. For an upper limit, the renormalization

yields a coefficient of 2 in front of a regular Gaussian centered at zero.]

* are the s_a and s_b values output (just as a check)?

* investigate terminology on wikipedia: Q-Q plot and P-P plot

* run simulations of covering fractions .65, .75, .85, .95,

and l_c=0.2 & 0.7 kpc, and redo contour plot;

* interloper galaxies (clustering): discuss and dismiss, after rereading

relevant section of TC08 (or is it CT08?)

* other TC08 parameters (2 x 900 sims; R_g; 50/50 point-point/halo-halo scatter)

* mention limitation that we don’t consider distributions of

f_c and ell_c values, nor do we consider anisotropic ell_c

* in the graph with plus signs, add plus signs at 100% covering factor, or

increase/change the marker size/type so that the markers at 100% are obvious

* redo probability contours for absorbers with z_abs only in the range

studied by TC08 (and maybe TC08 followup?)

* investigate Norbert’s idea of checking marginalization using

absorption at deflector galaxy redshifts in gravitational lenses

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