Book Review: Something Rotten

This is the fourth installment in the Thursday Next series written by Jasper Fforde and he continues to surprise me. I’ve written a bit on the other three I’ve read already, so I won’t go over the basic plot.

In this iteration, Thursday is finally back in the real world, though she’s still needed to help fix the Book world problems quite frequently during the story. In the real world she now sets herself on getting her life back together. Her young son Friday is now 2 and a half, she has no job, no husband, and a massive debt.
On top of all that, Hamlet is being re-written from the inside, a fictional character from a Daphne Farquitt novel is trying to take over the world with the Goliath corporation behind it, and the world is going to end if the Swindon Mallets don’t win the superhoop! It sounds crazy I know. What I really like about these books is the freedom they posses. Fforde is able to write whatever he wants, however he wants. He can use footnotes, or different fonts along very humorous plot devices. His fictional England is a very open one. Makes reading a very different experience.
My favourite part of this book is Thursday getting her husband back. In an attempt to force Thursday into doing what they wanted, the Goliath corporation eradicated her husband (went back in time and killed him). This occurred in an earlier iteration of the series, and Thursday has been husbandless since (not to mention Friday being fatherless). In this book, Landen comes back. Very happy to read that!
I’m off to the next one, called First Among Sequels. And I believe Fforde is penning a 6th book in the series as we speak…
happy reading!