New martin figure 12 – no trend

After pooling the data from the pairs, triples, and quads together i recreated the martin figure 12. The idea from martin et al, is that at high separations the data followed a ellc=0.5(max sep) As can be seen from this graph, there is no such correlation. At max sep =100kpc, the best result is ellc=4.0 kpc.
As per pat’s suggestion I added a ‘ + ‘ (there is a set of the ‘ + ‘ for the 100 kpc line as well, it overlaps the axis) where there is a data point on this contour plot. The contours are generated automatically the idl package There is a large lack of data points between 10kpc and 100kpc, as we were expecting a small characteristic length to begin with. Large ellc are for the purpose of checking if the math is working (i.e. high ellc is expected to be a bad fit).
It might be useful to add an ellc=20 kpc data set to be sure those contour lines aren’t terribly incorrect. It is of note that just below ellc=10 kpc there are contour lines at 0.05, perhaps more resolution here would be good.
other business
today i also helped out in the observatory, setting up for george’s research rr lyrae star. I also compiled a list of the titles/abstracts that I have so far for the PAGE conference. I spent some time reading a new AGN introduction. If you haven’t seen it pat, check it out here.