Continue with Martin et al. 2010

check out the first post on the premise of Martin et al., and the follow up analysis on it here.

a few graphs:
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this graph is a recreation of the martin et al figure 12. The boxes represent the max_probability of the contour plot corresponding to the data set with max separation on the x-axis. So the furtherest right point has the entire sample. The max_probability as it pertains to the characteristic length. Of course the contour plots are both ellc AND fc…so
this graph is for how the max_prob for the covering fraction varies when you drop the highest Max separation from the graphs.
BUT , we also wanted to look at how this might change if we iteratively drop the LOWEST LOS separation.
Here we’re looking at the sample as I take the lowest LOS separation off. This is for the max_prob of the coherence length.
Here is the same but for the covering fraction