What happens when cosmic scatter is zero?

If the cosmic scatter in my model is zero, then I am essentially following the TC08 model exactly. There is no upper or lower envelope of EW values for a given mass profile of the halo. Just one curve.

cov_frac:0.0100000 ell_c: 1.00000 Significance:1.4538320e-19 D:0.94777800
cov_frac:0.100000 ell_c: 1.00000 Significance:1.1752003e-15 D:0.85333300
cov_frac:0.200000 ell_c: 1.00000 Significance:4.6867554e-11 D:0.72555600
cov_frac:0.300000 ell_c: 1.00000 Significance:8.3111776e-09 D:0.65333300
cov_frac:0.400000 ell_c: 1.00000 Significance:2.0814730e-05 D:0.52333300
cov_frac:0.500000 ell_c: 1.00000 Significance:0.0010673220 D:0.44111100
cov_frac:0.600000 ell_c: 1.00000 Significance:0.011778121 D:0.38000001
cov_frac:0.700000 ell_c: 1.00000 Significance:0.038453044 D:0.34444401
cov_frac:0.800000 ell_c: 1.00000 Significance:0.15768489 D:0.29333300
cov_frac:0.900000 ell_c: 1.00000 Significance:0.016071932 D:0.37111101
cov_frac:1.00000 ell_c: 1.00000 Significance:0.00072479580 D:0.45000001

The output from the KS test. It shows that even for cosmic scatter of zero, the worst fitting distributions are those at very low covering fraction, and the best ones are around fc=0.8 roughly.