I needed to check, just like i did for triples, whether each LOS in the quad had 900 matches or 0. 900 meaning that it was a LOS that could be matched to, and 0 meaning it was simply an upper limit. After doing the same test, it seems that there is one LOS that has not been matched up to 900 times. i.e.

OBJ: 2 z=0.676 LOSA:696 LOSB:0 LOSC:0 LOSD:2703 TOTAL=3399.0000
so there were a total of 3399 matches to this absorption system, but only 696 of them were a match to LOSA, the rest were to LOSD. I need to go back and add more matches to this LOS, at least 300 for every run.
————————^——-Problem fixed—————-^—————-
Need to create the same KS tests for each of the quads now…replicate Triples
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