NYC:Day 4 – Good Company

Day 4 has drawn to a close in NYC. SciCoder has provided many new tools for me. Python is a REALLY good language, but I’m not sure how to implement it into my research just yet. Currently I’m heavily dependent on IDL. I’ve also learned a lot about SVN repositories. I think this will really benefit me.

After the days lectures, a bunch of us participants headed to get some thai food. I had the ‘Druken Noodles.’ I was just telling my cousin (tina) that I hadn’t really sampled much of the good food in new york yet…I think I can take that back now.

Here’s a good shot of a bunch of us. Not everyone came (unfortunately), but this is a good a chunk.

Of course I got beer, and today I had a thai beer called Singha. Never had it before and it was great! When it comes to beer, my philosophy is to try as many different kinds as possible.

In keeping with that philosophy, we went to a Belgian bar across the street from the thai place and I had a Chimay Rouge and a Leffe Blonde. The belgians know how to brew, I know that for sure.
On our way home through Washington Square park I nabbed this shot of the mini-triumph. It was lit up quite nicely. Not a bad little park. I was there earlier in the week watching some music and dancing.
Conclusions: Python is great, SVN is amazing, astronomers are good company, need to visit the Scourmont Abbey
(PS: where for art thou jen?)