Now for the real reason I’m here: SciCoder. This is a workshop hosted by NYU to teach graduate students in astronomy better practices for computer programming. While we’re not computer scientists, astronomers often need to use high level programming to get the job done, so learning good programming can be advantageous.

There are roughly 30 participants from all over the world. This is us sitting in our first day of lecturing.
Had some awesome pad thai at lunch. There’s TONNES of places to eat round town, and mostly pretty cheap to.
The organizers had a reception in the evening. Wine and cheese….I’m not one to turn it away. We spent some time here getting to know each other better. There is an interesting array of people at SciCoder, lots of different backgrounds and research interests.
We went over to a nearby irish pub to have a beer to finish off the night. I can’t remember the name of mine but it was pretty tasty. Unfortunately I don’t have more pics, I spent most of the day learning the fine points of file subversion and object oriented programming. Both worth the time, but both (not surprisingly) non-photogenic.
Conclusions: i forgot about 9am lectures, programming is an art, astronomers are always fun to talk to, …….nuff said