NYC:Day 1 – A crash course on Manhattan

Day 1 is complete; I got a cool shot of the Toronto skyline from the Island airport (AKA Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport) before I left. Porter airlines is great, the waiting area has all you can drink free coffee!

I’m staying in Weinstein Hall, a residence of NYU. Apparently both Adam Sandlar and Rick Rubin (founded def jam records) were residents of Weinstein Hall. This room reminds me of first year.
I landed in Newark, NJ and got a bus to bring me to Grand Central Station. Very Impressive place. When I got here I had no idea what subways went where, and only a vague idea of where I was staying. I learned quick!

The first place I wanted to see was ground zero. Back in my mid-teenage years my family took a trip to NYC and we saw the WTC. We even stood on top of the two towers! I just can’t believe it’s not there anymore.
St. Paul’s Chapel is directly across the street from ground zero, and has been the home base of grieving/history/volunteer efforts over the last 9 years.
Also nearby is the a building with more 9/11 stuff, specifically, the new building project. This will consist of 4 new Towers, a transportation hub, and the official 9/11 memorial. Two square pools with waterfalls on all sides (draining in the centre) are being placed in the footprint of the original two towers. It’s going to pretty amazing….google it, I can’t wait for my future trip to see it in completion (expected 9/11/2011).

After a nap (I was bush-wacked), I took a trip to the infamous times square. There was SO many people there! I suppose it IS a saturday night. This place reminded me a lot of vegas. There was a step up area where you could go to get a good view (and good pics). The party here on new year’s eve must be nuts.
I finished the evening up with a cold pint of Red Rooster Ale at the Heartland Brewery and Chophouse located in times square.
Conclusions: NYC rocks, ground zero is interesting, the subway is really convenient, times square is amazing, beer heals all wounds.

(PS: jen-wishing you were here!)

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