Alan Cross of exploremusic has released his top 10 list of albums of the 2000’s – or the 00’s or whatever you call it. I love looking through things like this to see music i might not have been listening to, that maybe i should have been. I had about half these albums already, and got the rest as the list came out (he released them two at time). Here’ the list if you don’t wanna read through is reviews/adorations of each album in his exploremusic blog posts.

BTW – these are in no particular order

Agaetis Byrjun by Sigur Ros (2000)
Kid A by Radiohead (02 October 2000)
White Blood Cells by The White Stripes (03 July 2001)
This Is It by The Strokes (25 September 2001)
A Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay (27 August 2002)
Songs for the Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age (27 August 2002)
Elephant by The White Stripes (01 April 2003)
American Idiot by Green Day (21 September 2004)
Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not by the Arctic Monkeys (21 February 2006)
In Rainbows by Radiohead (10 October 2009)

It’s an interesting list, I’ve always heard good things of Sigur Ros, but never really looked into it. After a bit of listening, it’s very relaxing. Nice to have if I’m ever in a really low-key mood. Both radiohead and white stripes made the list twice. Guess alan cross thinks these two bands are pretty essential. I’d agree.

My favorite album on this list is probably green day. I loved that album.

happy listening!

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