End of an Era

So anyone who know the Rogerson kids probably know of the amazing Jeep Cherokee that has been passed down from the top. Our dad bought it 22 years ago (back when I was knee high to a grasshopper) and it’s been a vital part of everything our family has ever done. Bryan drove it through highschool, I drove it through highschool and a bit of university, and Brent drove it for it’s remaining years. Unfortunately Lindsey was never able to get some time with it!

The driver seat was falling through the floor, the ceiling was falling off, the trunk didn’t open, the steering track bar was wobbling like crazy, it ate gas like a hungry fat kid at the mandarin, but it was the best car ever! Unfortunately all good times come to an end and so here are a couple pictures from the day we lost the Jeep! I also have a video there so you can watch, just as we did, the tow truck taking it away…..

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